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Ophthalmologists from the University Specialized Hospital for Ophthalmic Diseases for Active Treatment - Varna Have Found an Effective Solution against COVID-19

Ophthalmology is a unique specialty that fortunately does not directly participate in the fight against COVID-19. However, this does not mean that there are no patients in need of emergency diagnostics and treatment of their eye diseases. A lot of healthcare establishments have closed doors, but centres that keep functioning under the new protection regime must comply with a variety of conditions in order to safely handle emergencies and urgent cases. Along with the general hygiene and organisational activities, the hygiene and modification of the work with the basic apparatus for eye examinations - the biomicroscope are specific to an eye medical office. Biomicroscopy violates the social distance rule as doctor and patient are about 40 centimetres apart, face to face. Notwithstanding the instructions that the diagnostic procedure shall be performed quickly and with personal protective equipment, biomicroscopy remains the part of the examination bearing the highest risk of transmission of infection. Wearing a helmet is impossible for the ophthalmologist because oculars do not allow it. Therefore, the practice of some European clinics has introduced the application of "home-made" protection of a solid, transparent folder. Other centres recommend a plexiglass shield, which however, is heavy.

The University Specialized Hospital for Ophthalmic Diseases for Active Treatment - Varna has found an effective, convenient and universal solution, with the help of a lecturer and a last-year student in optometry. Hatidze Davidova joins her husband's company's national helmet production campaign. Striving to help the University Hospital, she turned to the Executive Director, Prof. Dr. Hristina Grupcheva, who drew the "desired" protection, and managed to produce the first protective shields for a biomicroscope. The shield is suitable for all types of biomicroscopes, regardless of the lightning, and allows adjustment of the interpupillary distance from 52 to 76 mm. Furthermore, it secures complete protection of the whole face and, thanks to its crystal transparency, does not impair the comfort of the patient and the visualization of the examiner. The shield is very light and flexible, without any cutting edges, and it can be cleaned after each patient.

In addition to the fact that the new shield is already standard equipment at the University Specialized Hospital for Ophthalmic Diseases for Active Treatment - Varna, the medical establishment is ready to help its colleagues from all over the country. Each ophthalmologist who would like to have a shield can receive it for free upon request to the following e-mail: