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Новини и Събития

On 28 and 29 March Medical University - Varna opens its doors to visitors

The University Open Days at Medical University - Varna will be held for the first time this year, on 28th and 29th March. The four faculties of the University - Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health, as well as the Medical College will open their doors to school students, prospective students, parents and citizens.

The event organizers promise to tell and show interesting, curious and unexpected things to their guests. The visitors will have the chance to observe Human Anatomy via modern 3D technology, to see one of the richest museum collections of Anatomy, as well as the training facilities of the University in all the faculties. They will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations and laboratory experiments in Physiology and Pathophysiology, in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Nutrigenomics. They will be able to take a look into a high-tech "workshop" for teeth making and to attend one of the most modern beauty cosmetic procedures. They can learn more about medicinal plants and their properties, about antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids in foods.

The visitors to Open Days in MU - Varna will have the unique opportunity to take the role of health professionals. Especially for those willing to participate, dental students will perform free dental examination. According to the organizers a lot of surprises and prizes await visitors to the Open Days, but only the lucky ones will win free of charge cosmetic and dental procedures, performed by students. The programme also includes a special fashion show, which the organizers have called "High Fashion in Health Care".

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