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Новини и Събития

The Orientation Week of the First-Year Students in the English-Language Programmes of Study Finished with a Familiarization Trip of Bulgaria

By tradition, the first-year students in the English-language programmes of Medicine and Dental Medicine visited remarkable for the Bulgarian history landmarks.

The students learnt about the history, architecture, nature and traditional cuisine of the region. The trip, held from 28 to 30 September, was the final stage of the orientation week for the international students.

Their first stop was the monument "Creators of the Bulgarian State", located on the territory of the Shumen Plateau Nature Park. After exploring the greatest in Europe mosaic-triptych in the open, which together with 21 sculptures symbolizes the idea of creation, development and rise of the Bulgarian state in the 7th-10th centuries, the students continued their trip to Veliko Tarnovo - the capital of the Second Bulgarian State and the Principality of Bulgaria (1878-1879).

The tour of Tsarevets Fortress and the alley along the Samovodska Charshiya impressed the students with their abundance of colours and authentic atmosphere. The students also attended the opening of a park with models of historical landmarks called "Turnovgrad - the Spirit of One Thousand Years of History" at the foot of Tsarevets Fortress, where emblematic cultural monuments, ports, airports, bridge constructions are displayed on a 12-decare site.

They had the opportunity to visit and to get acquainted with the history of Old Tryavna, Dryanovo Monastery "St. Archangel Michael" and the Yard of the Cyrillic Alphabet. Another memorable part of route was the National Park-Museum "Shipka-Buzludzha", which is a testimony of one of the most epic moments for the Bulgarian people.