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Minister of Health on a visit to University Hospital “St. Marina” and Varna Medical University

The Minister of Health Dr. Tanya Andreeva yesterday participated in the official opening of the Angiographic Laboratory, the Centre for Rare Diseases and the Centre for Pulmonary Hypertension in the University Hospital "St. Marina" in Varna. Minister Andreeva also visited the renovated Clinic of Endocrinology.

The Angiographic Laboratory, built entirely with the hospital's own funding, has been separated as a hybrid hall for interventional neurology, vascular surgery and interventional cardiology. The new angiograph of the latest generation with which the laboratory has been equipped enables the specialists to make a fast and accurate assessment of the cerebrovascular diseases. The software allows for the analysis of aneurisms and virtual stenting, pre-invasive planning of treatment and 3D-integrated guide for interventional procedures. The University Hospital in Varna is the only centre outside Sofia in which it is possible to apply endovascular embolization of brain aneurisms. The sixth successful intervention for this year was performed here in October.

The visit of Minister Andreeva was also associated with the Centre for Rare Diseases. Built entirely with funding from donations, the Centre in the University Hospital "St. Marina" presents the first large-scale and ambitious implementation of the idea for providing complex care for patients with various rare diseases. It is a joint project of the University Hospital and the Medical University in Varna in response to the Guidelines of the Council of the EU to the member-states for actions in the field of rare diseases. "To designate suitable expert centres until the end of 2013 and facilitate their construction" is among these guidelines. The Centre will start by designating an expert centre for diagnosing, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up of patients with thalassemia and hemophilia as well as an expert centre for neuroendocrine tumors and specialized centres for pulmonary hypertension, chronic myelogenic leukemia, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Electronic files are prepared for all served patients, thus laying the foundations of the first specialized electronic register for patients with rare diseases in Bulgaria.

The setting up of an in interdisciplinary Centre for pulmonary hypertension, which corresponds to the European standards in the University Hospital "St. Marina", is a concern about the patients with rare diseases. Cardiologists, lung specialists, interventional cardiologists, rheumatologists, physicians from the ICUs, cardiosurgeons and nurses from various structural hospital units will work at the Centre on a functional basis. The centre is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment amounting to 180 000 €, donated by the Director of the Centre of Pulmonary Hypertension of the University Hospital in Zürich Prof. Dr. Rudolf Speich.

During her yesterday's visit, the health minister also visited the renovated Clinic of Endocrinology which is currently conducting screening programmes for training of patients with diabetes and diabetes during pregnancy. The Clinic also offers diagnostics and treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications with emphasis on diabetic foot. The clinic applies modern therapeutic approaches, prevention of complications and improvement of the patients' quality of life. The prevention of the metabolic syndrome and obesity are of main importance.

Later during the day, Dr. Andreeva visited Varna Medical University. Here the Minister of Health met its Rector Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov. She was shown the 3D anatomy hall, in which the medical students are trained by means of the latest technologies.​

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