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Graduates from Varna Medical University took part in the President’s initiative

Graduates with the excellent academic performance from the Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Medicine took part in an initiative entitled "Youth vision for Bulgaria's development".

The initiative of the President was conducted for the second time and nearly 100 Master graduates with the highest academic results since January 1st 2013 from all Bulgarian universities participated in the "Youth Unions". The young people had to discuss with the President's secretaries issues related to the elimination of the poverty, the quality of education, political freedoms, the role of the refugees on the agenda for the development of the world, NATO dimensions of the national security and the security of the region after 2015. 

Sonya Koleva and Iglika Stereva – this year's graduates from the Faculty of Public Health and Zhaneta Atanasova – the graduate with the highest academic performance from Commencement 2013 of the Faculty of Medicine at Varna Medical University participated in the Council for Science and Healthcare.  The topic of the meeting in the Council for Science and Healthcare was "Health for everybody – future goals for development". During the meeting the participants concluded a proposal for the global goals for the development during the millennium in the sphere of healthcare and the possible contribution of Bulgaria for their achievement on a national, regional and global scale. The Secretary of the President for Science and Healthcare Anna-Mari Vilamovska moderated the meeting of the Council. ​

The initiative of the Head of State "Youth vision for Bulgaria's development" aims at encouraging the participation of young people in the decision-making process for determining the priorities for the development of Bulgaria. All the participants received a Certificate for active participation in the discussion.