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MU-Varna Offers Job Opportunities to Young Dental Practitioners from Class 2015 at the Only One in Our Country Medico-Dental Centre

"You have already gained the knowledge and experience from your lecturers over the past six years, at one of the most advanced and high-tech higher schools - the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University-Varna. Never give up your pursuit of perfection and the desire to become better and better with each passing day! Thus success will always be with you and you will find the real satisfaction of a job well done! And don't you ever forget about smiles - the smiles with which the people around you – your family, friends and patients - will tell you that you have succeeded", said in his speech the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, at the official graduation ceremony of the fifth class of dental practitioners, which took place today, 31st October, at Hall 1 of the Festival and Congress Centre - Varna.

Prof. Ivanov went on to underline that Medical University - Varna would always be ready to welcome young dental practitioners who wished to continue their careers as lecturers or practicing specialists at the University Medico - Dental Centre at MU-Varna. The only one of its kind in Bulgaria Dental Centre was opened just a year ago. Nevertheless, during this time it has fulfilled a large scale of diagnostic, therapeutic and training activities. At present, a quarter of the members of the academic staff of the Centre are graduates of the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

After the speech of the Rector, the most solemn moment of the ceremony ensued - taking the Hippocratic Oath, which the 70 alumni pronounced, all together, repeating the words after the Dean of the Faculty Assoc. Prof. Tsvetan Tonchev.

 The most outstanding student of the class is Dr. Dian Nikolov. He became the winner of the Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, named after Prof. Dr. Slavcho Davidov (founder of dental education in Bulgaria). This is an annual award presented to the most outstanding and active graduate over the years. Dr. Nikolov also received a money prize from the Rector of the University and from the Mayor of Varna Municipality. Dr. Pavlin Stefanov was awarded for his active work and great contribution to the creation and development of the modern image of the Student Council at MU-Varna.


Musical greeting for the dental alumni was performed by their colleagues, medical students - Rumyana Kirneva and Simona Ivanova.

​Among the official guests were the President of the Regional Body of the Bulgarian Dental Association - Varna Dr. Rumyana Vlachkova, the chief expert at the Department of Education at the Municipality of Varna Mrs. Albena Pavlova, the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University - Plovdiv Prof. Dr. Georgi Todorov, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University - Sofia Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov, members of the Board of Trustees at MU-Varna, the Rector of MU-Varna during the period 2004-2012 Prof. Dr. Aneliya Klisarova, the CEO of St. Marina University Hospital - Varna Prof. Dr. Zhaneta Georgieva.

Congratulatory addresses to the Academic Management of the University and the alumni were sent by the Minister of Health Dr. Petar Moskov, from the MP in the 43rd National Assembly and a member of the Health Committee Dr. Valentin Pavlov, and by the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih.