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Eleven excellent students from Commencement 2013 of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Varna Medical University

Young physicians in dental medicine from the third commencement of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Varna Medical University graduated with an official ceremony on October 19th in the Festival and Congress Center. 

Under the sounds of the Students' anthem, performed by an organ in Auditorium 1 of the Festival and Congress Center, the University's academic management led by the mace holder came on the stage. In his speech Rector Prof. Krasimir Ivanov said that the "farewell" with the commencement is more symbolic because the doors of the University will always be opened for them as a prospective residents or teachers.

Sixty-six young specialists in dental medicine swore the Hippocratic oath, pronouncing together the words of the ancient healer after the Dean of the Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsevan Tonchev. A greeting address to the newly graduated students was made personally by the Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Aneliya Klisarova.

The eleven excellent students from the Commencement 2013 of the Faculty of Dental Medicine received financial awards from the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih and the University. Only the first three excellent students received money awards by the Rector. The student with top academic results of the Commencement was Dr. Hristina Madjova (5,91), followed by Dr. Albena Gencheva (5,87) and Dr. Ivailo Hristozov (5,82). Dr. Madjova also won the Dean's Award named after Dr. Slavcho Davidov. The prize is awarded for the third consecutive year to the student with the highest academic performance as well as for overall contribution and participation in different projects and initiatives organized by the faculty.

Dr. Ivo Frantzov won the award of the Students' Council at Varna Medical University for the most active student among the students of dental medicine from Commencement 2013. He participated actively in the first campaign entitled "If you doubt, check it" which was carried out for the first time in Bulgaria to prevent oral cancer. He is among the students who presented Varna Medical University during the First International Conference for young dental physicians in Dubai.

An honorary academic diploma was awarded to the wife of the deceased Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Klisarov who is the founder of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in Varna. by a proposal made by the Dean of the Faculty, Auditorium A in the building of the Faculty of Dental Medicine will be named after Assoc. Prof. Klisarov. At the end of the ceremony all graduates went on stage under the sounds of "We are the champions" by Queen and their hats with tassels flew into the air.​

Among the guests of the graduation ceremony for Commencement 2013 of the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Varna were Members of Parliament from the third Varna district, the Deputy Mayor and the Governor of Varna, the Vic Rector of Medical University of Sofia, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Plovdiv, directors of health institutions as well as representatives of professional organizations.  

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