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The first step toimprovingthe care forchildren withdisorders of sexdevelopmentin our countryhasalready been made

A working group of 15 specialists, five of them from Medical University - Varna, presided over by Dr. V. Mladenov from “St. Marina” University Hospital, was established to provide operational implementation ofthe four-year project COST BM 1303, related to improving the care for patients with disorders of sex differentiation in the country.It took placeat the meeting at MU – Varna on 24thand 25thJanuary, which was dedicated to improving the care for these children, attended by 42 specialists from Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Pleven - pediatric endocrinologists, neonatologists, geneticists, pediatric surgeons and urologists, specialists in diagnostic imaging and psychologists.

Within the meeting, for the first time the results of the ongoing for 5 years in our country mass screening of newborns for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) - the most common form of disorders of sex development have been presented.Owing to the screening,the major complication “salt crisis” has been prevented, which could have cost the lives of these patients.Thepotential of the National Genetic Laboratory in relation to genetic specification of such patients was presented, as well as a number of presentations and cases from the practice of thehosts and guests.

Huge success and very good presentationof the participantsaccompanied the interactive session with consideration of 2 cases of disorder of sex differentiation, conducted by Prof. Drop and Assoc. Prof.Dessens from Holland. The objective of the interactive session was to assess the correctness of the decisions which each specialist of their respective field had to offer in each of the cases.The audience had the chance to ask questions, and the innovative for our country psychological approaches and examplesof discussionswith parents from affected families were highly assessed.

At the end of the workshop the opportunities to raisepublic awareness on this issuewere discussed. The need for funding both for additional hormone tests and for surgical treatment of children with DSD was another issue put forward for discussion.Collaboration amongvarious specialists and above all,their contribution to blazing the trailfor families with a child born with DSD, as well as in cases withlate diagnosis of such a child are among the target crucial steps for proper treatment of the problem.

The organizers and initiators of the meeting from Varna Medical University and the University Hospital expressed their hope and confidence that in the following four years the improvement of the care for these rare but very complicated patients wouldbecome a real fact in our country, too.