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High Appraisal for the Management Teams of MU and the University Hospital in Varna

​"Maternal and child health care will be a major priority of this government," said the Minister of Health Dr. Tanya Andreeva today during the opening of the renovated Children's Intensive Care Unit "Neurology and Neonatology" at "St. Marina" University Hospital in Varna."I am excited that I'm here today because "St. Marina" University Hospital is one of the outstanding examples proving that in Bulgaria things can happen in the best possible way," said the Health Minister. She added that the health establishment is highly competitive among the European and world health institutions and works in all innovative trends that are under development in Europe at the moment."This is a hospital that shows that good and creative management is successful. That's why I'd like to thank the Director of the hospital Prof. Zhaneta Georgieva and Prof. Krasimir Ivanov, the Rector of the Medical University because they are persons with an idiosyncratic style, and I can only be grateful for that. In this hospital, a great number of the achievements are due entirely to the efforts of the hospital, as well as due to European programmes, which will be developed further in the next programme period," added the Health Minister. The funds invested in the building and repair activities, in the purchase of medical equipment and in the furnishing of the new unit are over 730 000 lev, which are provided as subsidies by the Ministry of Health, as well as investments of the medical establishment and sponsorship donations.The event was also attended by the Minister of Education Prof. Aneliya Krisarova, the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih, the District governor and many other officials. During the opening ceremony a religious consecration was performed. A few minutes after the official opening of the unit Minister Andreeva attended a joint remote medical intervention, which was conducted between two cities for the first time – the surgical team from "St. Sofia" First Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Sofia performed an operation for the removal of a breast carcinoma, which was consulted through a video conference connection by teams of experts at "St. Marina" University Hospital in Varna and MMA in Sofia.