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Moscow Students Complete a Summer Internship at MU- Varna

The summer internship at MU - Varna of 25 future doctors from Moscow have already been underway for two weeks. The Medical University of Varna welcomes students from the fourth and fifth course in Medicine and Dental Medicine from the First Moscow State Medical University for third consecutive year. Students in Pharmacy have come here for their summer training for the first time, as well.

The interest of Russian students in the summer internship at MU- Varna has been increasing every year. The programme started with a total number of 10 students both in Medicine and Dental Medicine in 2011. Today they are already 25 people, selected among more than 700 candidates.

For two weeks the Russian trainees have been taught at the University facilities, under the direct supervision and guidance of leading lecturers in their respective fields. The internship in Surgery is conducted by Prof. Dr. Rosen Madzhov and Dr. Vasil Bozhkov, the training in Internal Medicine is conducted by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Yoto Yotov, and Ch. Assist. Prof. Dr. Georgi Papanchev and Dr. Karen Dzhabalyan conduct the internship of the Dental medics. It's the first year when medical students have been trained in Outpatient Care, as well, conducted by Prof. Dr. Valentina Madzhova.

The newly established internship in Pharmacy is implemented in three directions - Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Fotkova, Assist. Prof. Iliya Zhelev, Assist. Prof. Tanya Dimova), Formulation Technology (Assoc. Prof. Stefka Titeva, Assist.Prof. Stefan Stefanov, Assis. Prof. Mirena Dobreva and Assist. Prof. Viliana Gugleva) and Social Pharmacy (Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, Assist.Prof. Anna Todorova) and it is implemented under a programme, developed by Assoc. Prof. Bistra Galunska – the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The team of International Projects and Programmes Department, led by Slava Penova, is in charge of the overall organization of the summer internship and the coordination of its implementation is performed by the Deans of the Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.

On 12th July (Friday), at 3 pm, at the third Auditorium (4th floor), at MU - Varna the 25 Moscow students will receive their official certificates of the internship and on 15th July they are travelling back home. The same number of students from our University in the same specialties will join them for their two-week internship at the Medical University in Moscow.

Of course, when it comes to training at the Medical University of Varna, we cannot forget the additional opportunities, offered by the geographic and climate conditions of the Sea Capital of the region. After a full day of intensive practical training, which took place last week, the students had the opportunity to relax and to visit the seaside towns of Nessebar and Obzor at the weekend. Their trip was combined with the teambuilding of teams of the University for discussing their future collaboration.