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Medical University - Varna Gave Awards and Diplomas

On the eve of one of the most favourite Bulgarian holidays - the Day of Slavonic Alphabet and Culture, the Medical University of Varna awarded its highest academic distinctions to deserving lecturers, employees and students for the ninth consecutive year.

Eminent specialists in the field of Clinical Pathology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Biology, Dermatology, Library Science were awarded with the "Honorary Badge with a Blue Ribbon". A student of MU - Varna in Medicine from Columbia received a special distinction for her success in mastering Bulgarian language. The most energetic contributor to the Student Council was awarded for his active participation in the student life at the University. "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"- the highest academic distinction on behalf of the Medical University of Varna - was awarded to the 90-year-old Assoc. Prof. Stamat Stamatov in appreciation of his contribution to the development of marinotherapy and medical tourism on the Bulgarian coast.

During the ceremony the Rector of Medical University - Varna Prof. Krasimir Ivanov awarded the diplomas of academic position and scientific degree to 24 lecturers from different departments and faculties of the University who achieved a higher level in their academic and scientific career during the elapsed academic year.