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On 10 April the Lucky Lottery Winners from the Open Days will be Drawn

Nearly 500 guests from Varna and the country visited the University Open Days, which were held on 28th  and 29th  March at the four faculties of the University – Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, and the Medical College. Such a major initiative, targeted at acquainting prospective students with the training opportunities, offered by the higher medical school, has been carried out for the first time at the University.

Students, prospective students, parents and citizens had the opportunity to get familiar with the training facilities in which students of all specialties are trained and to participate in various demonstrations and experiments. After witnessing all that, there was hardly anyone who was not convinced of how important and perspective, and yet how interesting the medical science could be.

Moreover, five visitors to the Open Days will have the unique chance to personally experience the professional abilities of the students - on 10th April at 10:00 am, in the lobby of MU – Varna the names of the five lottery winners will be drawn, who will win:

  • Cosmetic Facial Procedure (optional);
  • Cosmetic Body Procedure (optional);
  • Classic Full Body Massage;
  • Prophylaxis Dental Examination;
  • Professional Cleaning of Dental Calculus.

A video of the lottery draw will be uploaded on the website of the University on the same day.