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Ultrasound technologies – challenges before young doctors

The aim of the international meeting on the European project "Ultrasound technologies – challenges before young doctors" was to widen competences, knowledge and skills of the young physicians and medical students in the field of ultrasound diagnostics and their application for the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The meeting took place from 15.10 to 20.10.2013 in Sofia.

The forum gathered neurosonologists from Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia and over forty students and young doctors from the participating countries.  

Varna Medical University was represented by Assoc. Prof. S. Andonova - Head of the Second Clinic of Neurology with a division for intensive care unit for neurological diseases at the University Hospital "St. Marina" – Varna and a person in charge for the project from Varna Medical University as well as two fifth-year medical students and one graduate who is interested in the neurology.

During the forum young doctors and medical students had an opportunity to share their ideas and discuss important for them issues in the field of neurology and medicine with their colleagues from other countries in the project. They participated in a course of neurosonology held under the auspices of the research group in neurosonology at the World Federation of Neurology. In the practical and theoretical course the lecturers were renowned European and world neurosonologists – Prof. D. Russell (Norway), Prof. K. Niederkorn (Austria), Prof. E. Bartles (Germany), Prof. E. Ringelstein (Germany), Prof. E. Titianova (Bulgaria) and many others.

Assoc. Prof. S. Andonova from Varna Medical University introduced young doctors and medical students to ultrasound methods of prevention of socially significant cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. She shared her professional experience in the diagnostics and treatment of acute cerebrovascular accidents. Acad. Prof. E. Titianova from Sofia University presented to the young doctors and students the opportunities of the new ultrasound technologies in medicine. The existing consensuses and standards were also discussed. Prof. K. Niedercon from Austria delivered a lecture entitled "Telemedicine – basic principles, sharing of personal experience". Assoc. Prof. M. Mijajlovic from Serbia made a discussion for a draft memorandum for determination of the role of the governments in terms of support for development and introduction of the health strategies and relevant actions for reduction of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases at national, regional and local level which was subsequently signed by all participants.  

The project "Ultrasound technologies – challenges before young doctors" was held under the auspice of the Bulgarian Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics, Medical University of Graz (Austria), Serbian National Association of Neuroangiology, Georgian Association of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics. Partners are leading universities in Bulgaria – Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Sroyanov" – Varna. Sofia University "St. Кliment Ochridski", Medical University – Pleven, Military Medical Academy – Sofia, National Sport Academy "Vasil Levski".  

At the end of the forum all participants as well as lecturers, students and young doctors received European certificates for participation in the project – for cooperation, innovations and introduction of the best practices in the work with young people.