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University rating, quality and leadership

On October 9th 2013 the new edition of the rating system was presented in Sofia of the 52 professional fields in the universities. It will include information about the most frequently practised occupations after the completion of the education in every higher school. This newly introduced criterion will give a realistic picture about the professional realization in professional fields and specialties. Twenty-nine criteria are added in the new system, whereby the total number of criteria becomes 76.

The Director of Directorate "Higher education: at the Ministry of Education and Science and head of the project Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Fartunova took part in the meeting together with the Secretary General of the Ministry Krasimir Velchev, Georgi Stoichev from Open Society and Asen Nalchinov from "Sirnma Group".

Varna Medical University was presented by Prof. Todorka Kostadinova – Vice Rector for International Relations, Accreditation and Quality and member of the project's Board of Experts. International mobility and the "exclusivity" of the academic staff to work at one university only also play role in determining the universities' ratings.

"Thus, by means of the new rating system we will be able to judge how many of the graduates from the specialty of medicine are practicing as physicians, how many of those who graduated dental medicine have become dentists and how many students in healthcare management are practicing their specialty"", Prof. Kostadinova explained. Ä further advantage of the rating system is that all universities will be evaluated by means of a unified system of indicators and that it will help determining the profile of every university". Prof. Kostadinova reminded that in the previous edition of the rating system Varna Medical University occupied leading positions in the majority of the offered specialties.