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Find Out How UV Rays Affect Your Eyes

A research group from Medical University - Varna is looking for the cause of UV-induced damage and evaluation of UV rays effects on the eyes. Using modern technology such as UV photography and confocal microscopy of living cells, the research team from the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences initiated examinations of the cornea and conjunctiva of those willing to join the project "Do not burn your eyes ... protect them from the sun!"

UV rays damage the skin. We are used to applying different means of sun protection of the biggest human organ - the skin, but how do we protect our eyes? Studies of Japanese scientists have proved that the risk of eye damage differs from the skin risks. Do we know how UV radiation damages the eyesight?

If you want to find out how summer sunlight affects your eyes, you can sign up by the end of April by sending an e-mail to the following address, indicating two names and a contact phone number. Besides useful tips, you will receive real evidence of the condition of your ocular surface. You will be examined by means of the only one in Bulgaria confocal microscope, which can provide live observations of the different layers of the cornea and the cellular elements in them.