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Новини и Събития

„Varna winter“

The scientific meeting “Varna winter” was carried out for the third consequent year in Varna. The scientific forum which took place under the auspice of the Medical University of Varna gathered psychiatrists from the all country on 24th and 25th January.  A special guest of the event was the disciple of the Medical University of Varna – Dr. Danko Georgiev from the Institute for research on schizophrenia in Kanazawa, Japan.

 The early diagnostics of the mental illnesses was in the focus of the delivered presentations. The topic for the subclinical conditions and the symptoms which are observed before the real illness was discussed.  Special attention was paid to schizophrenia not only as subclinical symptoms, but also in terms of the presented evidence and reasons for changes of neurons in the prefrontal cortex of patients. Among the discussed issues was the hyperactivity disorder which is observed in hyper active children.

 The main promoters of the event were Prof. Rinaldo Shishkov, a Vce-Rector in the MU-Varna and the Director of the First psychiatric clinic in the University hospital “St. Marina” and Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Hranov – head of the Psychiatric clinic “St. Naum” in Sofia. Due to the high interest to the scientific event it was decided that the forum “Varna winter” will become an annual psychiatry conference since 2015.