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Varna Medical Forum

Varna Medical Forum is a new periodical of MU-Varna, which was started in 2012. It is published in Bulgarian, with abstracts in English. Physicians, teachers, students and external authors may publish their scientific works in the periodical.
The periodical is deposited in the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and it is also distributed around the medical libraries in the country and abroad.
You can find the first issue of the periodical in the university library. There the reports are published from the scientific session dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Medical College in Varna. The second issue is in an electronic format on CD. It contains the papers of the young scientists, presented at the First Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in the field of biomedical science (BSYSB), which took place in September 2012.

Scientific works for publication may be sent at the following e-mail:

Publication requirements :
1. The article is in Bulgarian language and contains:
- title
- authors
- The exact name of the institution, where the authors work
- Correspondence address
- Abstracts - 250-300 words
- Structured overview - Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions
- Bibliography .
2 . The manuscript contains the title , abstract and keywords in English
3 . Locations of tables and figures should be indicated in the text with their serial number and the designation "Table " and " Fig. " (e.g., "Table 1 " and " Fig. 1") . Each table and figure should be presented in a separate file in the original file format (images must be in graphic format - jpg, tif), and  their names must match the designations in the text.
The explanatory text for each figure or table is placed in the text to it's designation. All photos should be scanned as grayscale at 300 DPI. Photographs and images must be enough contrast and size at least 8 cm width ( 1 column) or 17 cm width ( 2 columns). Diagrams should be submitted in separate files in their original file format (e.g. xls).
4 . Cited authors are given in brackets with their number in the bibliographic list.
5 . Rules of citation of the literature :
- Cited publications are arranged alphabetically by the name of the first author and start with the descriptions in Cyrillic (not to be translated into English) , and then those in Latin. If there is more than one publication by the same author, they are arranged chronologically.
- The numbers must correspond to the numbers, indicated in the text.
- The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of cited publications.
1. Мягкова, М. А., Е. Б. Запольская, М. Е. Запольский и др. Определение опиатов методом латексной агглютинации.- Судебн. мед. зсперт., 1994, 3, 23-25.
2. Youmans, G. P. Tuberculosis. Philadelphia, etc., W. W. Saunders Comp., 1979.
3. Biderman, I., S. Somien, Z. Shimshoni. Growth induction of bone and cartilage cells by physical forces.- In: Tissue Nutrition and Viability. A. R. Hargens, ed. New York, etc., Springer-Verlag, 1986, 121-134.