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History and Facts

The Department of Medical and Biological Sciences was founded in 2006 simultaneously with the establishment of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petar Genev, PhD is the first Head of the Department. In 2013, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsanka Dikova joined the Department with a view to improving the collaboration between the disciplines Medical Chemistry and Materials Science. In the same year, Assoc. Prof. Cherkezova was re-elected as Head of the Department for a second term of office, and Assoc. Prof. Tsanka Dikova – as Vice Dean of FDM.

The department contributes to the comprehensive training of dental students. On the one hand, the objective basis of this fact is the fundamental character of the disciplines. On the other hand, the subjective factor in the face of responsible, competent and erudite lecturers is of crucial importance. The Chemistry Unit is committed actively to the teaching of the discipline Organic Chemistry for students Master - Pharmacists.

The entire academic staff of the Department carries out intensive activities in updating the academic programme and its coordination with the latest Unified State Requirements (USR): updating lecture material, selection of experimental topics for practical exercises, creation of relevant textbooks and manuals, development of 6 courses of lectures in the field of Materials Science, new materials and technologies, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for dental doctors and dental technicians. All the members of the Department take part in the annual Student Admission Examinations within the Student Admission Campaign at MU and its academic staff - in the training of the newly enrolled international students. With the expansion of the English language training, lectures and seminars on the disciplines Materials Science and Medical Chemistry are being conducted at FDM.