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Research Activities

Research Projects:

  • Competition "Promoting Scientific Studies in Priority Areas" (Thematic Contest) - 2009, a project entitled "Study of Plasma Spray Gradient Structured Nanocoatings on Titanium Implants" - together with Technical University - Varna – Assoc. Prof. Hr. Skulev , Assoc. Prof. M. Abadzhiev, PhD
  • Project, funded by Medical Science Fund, MU-Varna, № 14/2012, entitled: "Evaluation of the Impact of Application of Endaural and  Endonasal Apparatus for Treatment of Patients with Habitual Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea" – Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Tsv. Tonchev, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Milkov, PhD, Dr. Lyudmil Matev.
  • Research project at Medical University – Varna, Medical Science Fund, entitled "Design of a Device for Injection Molding of Acrylic Plastics" – Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Abadzhiev, PhD, Dr. K. Georgieva

Main Directions of Research in Orthodontics:

  • Prevention and diagnosis of retention of canine teeth
  • The impact of wisdom teeth on the outcome of orthodontic treatment
  • The role of the orthodontist in the combined orthodontic-prosthetic treatment

Two PhD students have been assigned at the Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine and Orthodontics since 2012, who have been developing doctorates:


  • entitled "Advantages of Alpha-Adrenomimetic Decongestants over Conventional Chemical Agents for Gingival Retraction to Avoid Adverse Systemic Side Effects" - Dr. Iv. Katreva
  • entitled: "Iatrogenic Manifestations During Treatment with Removable Partial and Total Plate Dentures" - Dr. K. Georgieva​