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The discipline Propаedeutics of Internal Diseases is taught during the 3rd year in the specialty Medicine and the 4th year - Dental Medicine. The lecture course (2 academic hours per week) and exercises (5 academic hours per week) are well supported by visual aids. Students study invasive and non - invasive examination methods and get familiar with the symptoms and syndromes of Internal Medicine, as well as with the clinical picture of the most common diseases.

A special training room with Internet for conducting interactive sessions is built for the academic activities of students, trainees and postgraduates. A special guidance for English language training of students has been issued. In addition, specialization in Internal Diseases, with a basic course on Internal Diseases has been conducted since 2013.

The training course on Propаedeutics of Internal Diseases is preliminary in the specialty Internal Diseases. The main objectives are as follows:

  • mastering physical examination methods during exercises;
  • introduction to the functional examination in the different chapters of Internal Diseases;
  • mastering the process of diagnosis of symptoms and syndromes towards a comprehensive overview of the disease;
  • general knowledge of diagnostic possibilities of modern medical equipment;
  • mastering the required manipulations and conducting examinations by 3rd year students.

The programme update is subjected to modern trends in Medicine - the focus moves to socially significant diseases and the demand for more advanced information on new methods and research.

Recommended Readings:

  • Propаedeutics of Internal Diseases, I Volume, 2004, edited by Acad. Chudomir Nachev.
  • Internal Diseases, 2005, edited by Prof. Dr. Zahari Krastev.
  • Internal Diseases, G. Herold.
  • Theses on Internal Diseases, 2005, Prof. Dr. Zahari Krastev.