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On 14th December the University Theatre Troupe Presents an Author’s Play about Yavorov

14 December 201419:00

On 14th December, at 7:00 pm, at the Second auditorium of MU-Varna, the University Theatre Troupe "Heart Attack" presents their author's play "After the Shadows of the Clouds", based on "Yavorov's Romance" by Mihail Kremen and the play "Nirvana" by Konstantin Iliev.

"One day, my boy, you will write a great novel - remember my words," says Yavorov to the novice writer Mihail Kremen. The year is 1903. Mihail arrives in Sofia to start his training as a student in Slavic Philology. Getting under the wing of the poet Peyo Yavorov, he finds himself in the center of the most active cultural and political circles of Bulgaria at that time and witnesses events that remain in the history of the country.

"After the Shadows of the Clouds" tells the story of a friendship and a boy that grow up among remarkable personalities such as Dr. Krastev, Petko Todorov, Pencho Slaveykov and Kiril Hristov. The play also depicts probably the most dramatic love story of the 20th century. The actors and actresses from the theatre class "Heart Attack" at MU-Varna invite you to see from a different perspective one epoch of the Bulgarian history. Real, full-blooded characters, with their shortcomings and problems, will come out of the book pages on the stage. Not heroes and saints - just human beings. People who left а trace in history ...