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4th International Workshop on Counter-terrorism

26 June 201708:00
27 June 201723:00

The 4th International Workshop on Counter-terrorism will be held out in "Prof. Vladimir Ivanov" Auditorium at the University Hospital "St. Marina" on 26 - 27 June 2017.

The Forum includes lectures, practical issues and demonstrative materials directed to conventional, non-conventional and medical aspects of terrorism.

 The invited speakers represent the top-level anti-terroristic institutions from Israel, as well as the Embassy of Israel to Bulgaria, the Embassy of Bulgaria to Israel and specialists from NATO-member countries, Russian Federation and Serbia.

The Workshop has scientific, educational and qualification programme and as continuation of the previous first three specialized meetings in Varna, reflecting all issues of terrorism and counter organization, coordination and management measures in Bulgaria and world-wide.

The 4th Workshop will upgrade the achieved know-how and preparedness to respond to a potential terroristic threat, with accent on the coordination and organization of all institutions, involved in the antiterroristic aspects, incl. medical issues.

Details for the forum can be found in the Programme of the Workshop.