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History and Facts

The Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine and Orthodontics is the first department established in the newly created Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"– Varna in 2005.

ESS "Denture Implantology Centre" was opened on 16th January 2009 and the President of ICOI - Prof. Ady Palti cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Head of the Centre became Acad. Prof. Dr. N. Popov, D.Sc. who has had a major contribution to the establishment of the Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine and Orthodontics. The deputy head of the Denture Implantology Centre was Dr. M. Abadzhiev, PhD, who later became the head of the Department.

The Academic staff of the Department has participated with lectures and posters at numerous scientific forums at national and international level. A symposium on "Modern Aspects of Denture Implantology" was held in March 2010. Furthermore, the Second International Implantology Symposium took place in January 2012.

The training in Orthodontics at the Department of PDM and Orthodontics of the first class of Dental Medicine at MU - Varna was launched in September 2008. The first guest lecturer in Orthodontics was Assoc. Prof. Laura Andreeva-Gurgurieva, and the first full-time Assistant Professor in Orthodontics was Dr. Hristina Arnautska. In 2009 Prof. Vera Krumova was invited as a lecturer and she has had a significant contribution to the development of the educational process of students and the academic development of assistant professors in Orthodontics at FDM – Varna.

The first State Exam of the first alumni at FDM-Varna was in Orthodontics, conducted by Prof. Vera Krumova, and the first student who passed the state exam got an excellent mark.

Moreover, the Department has been training foreign students in English since 2011.​