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1. Q: I am an EU/EEA citizen. How do I apply for the Programmes offered in English? 

A: You can apply for the Programme of Medicine and the programme of Dental Medicine following the three simple steps as follows:


Read carefully the admission criteria, requirements and see if you meet them (you could also contact us by e-mail for assessment of your eligibility); If yes, you could then proceed with step 2.

For applicants from the UK, it is required to have 3 A-level subjects, as it is recommendable two of them to be Biology and Chemistry. Where A-levels have a separately graded practical component, this is required and must be passed.

We do not consider BTEC and Foundation programmes.

If you are a German applicant, please refer to the Infoblatt & Häufig Fragen

Science subject/natural sciences will not be sufficient for application purposes and considered as an alternative to Biology and Chemistry subjects unless the cases where the high school law in the relevant country does stipulate the obligatory training in Biology and Chemistry in one subject.

Applicants who have E grades /for German applicants "mangelhaft" grade/ in any of the two mandatory high school subjects – Biology and Chemistry will not be allowed to take the Entry tests & take part in the selection process.


Choose an Entry test date, register for it from here, prepare & sit the Entry tests.


Submit all the required application documents as soon as possible and do not wait for the deadline! If you already hold your high school Diploma before taking the Entry tests, you are advised to prepare and submit the required paper supporting application documents before or right after the Entry tests date. If you are obtaining your high school Diploma after the Entry tests, you shall prepare & submit the paper supporting application documents right after you obtain your Diploma and within the application deadline.

For detailed explanation of the application process, please click here


2. Q: I have already started my e-application and I noticed in the e-application guidelines that I am expected to upload simple copies (not legalized and translated copies) of my educational documents into the MUV online application system. After submitting my e-application, I got the status "PENDING VALIDATION". What is next and how do I proceed with my application documents?

A: Once you submitted you e-application to MUV, the Office of Admission will review and assess it. If additional documents are needed, you shall be notified by a message. Once it gets "SUCCESSFULLY REGISTERED", you shall proceed with the process of preparing the paper-based supporting application documents (attested/legalized and translated into Bulgarian language as per the requirements):

1. Print the successfully registered application

2. Tick each prepared paper-based required supporting document onto the last page of the printed application form

3. Sign the application form

4. Submit to the Office of Admissions your application form along with all the required paper-based supporting application documents within the application deadline

NB! The application process involves verification of secondary school diploma and credentials by the Local Directorate of Bulgarian Ministry of Education. The instituted administrative fee for issuing the certificate of high school equivalence amounts to 35 BGN payable to the bank account of the local Directorate of Education. For German applicants: If you are submitting end of year high school certificates from class 9 and/or 10, additional 25 BGN shall be covered along with the 35 BGN fee. (i.e. 60 BGN). Please submit a proof of covered fee along with the set of the required application documents.

RUO na MON - Varna

IBAN or Account number: BG74 TTBB 9400 3115 0686 94



Payment reference: Name of the applicant is required


3. Q: I am a non-EU citizen. How do I apply?

A: Please follow the steps pointed below:

STEP 1.    

Read carefully the admission criteria, requirements and see if you meet them. If yes, you can then start preparing all the required application documents;

Submit all the required application documents to Medical University of Varna within the stated deadline.

STEP 2.    

Medical University of Varna will assess your application and if you meet the requirements for admission, your documents would be then submitted by the University to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science in Sofia for final approval.

STEP 3.    

After obtaining the certificate for the right of the applicant to study at Medical University of Varna we would contact you to collect it and then apply to the Bulgarian Consulate in your country or the nearest boarding country where there is one for issuing a visa type D (Study visa).


4. Q: Is there an age requirement for applicants?

A: We do not have any age requirement for the applicants. It is mandatory though the applicants to have graduated secondary education (high school) and to have obtained a Diploma of completed secondary school (secondary school leaving certificate).


5. Q: I am a mature applicant. Is the application process the same for me?

A: Yes, the application process is the same for mature applicants or for continuing your education after recognition of obtained degree.


6. Q: Are there any admission tests in English for EU citizens?

A: Yes, to review the requirements for the Programmes in Medicine and Dental Medicine in English for the 2020 admission tests in Chemistry and Biology, please refer to the following:


7. Q:  I am an UK citizen interested in the Programmes in English you offer.  Should I sit the English for Academic Medical Studies examination?

A: The English language competence of the applicants is proved either by submitting one of the following certificates on the required level or passing an English language proficiency test for medical specialties conducted the same day as the Biology and Chemistry Entry tests.

List with Internationally Recognized Language Proficiency Tests

Accepted language proficiency tests and certificatesLevel/scores required
Cambridge ESOL Exams FCE level - Pre-Advanced First Certificate in English, or higher
ECLLevel B2, or higher
IELTSBand 6 – competent user, or higher
Pearson Test of English GeneralLevel 3, or higher

The European Language Certificates, or TELC - language tests

TELC English B2, or higher

TOEFL iBT (computer-based test)Scores from 61 and above
TOEFL PBT (paper-based test)Scores from 543 and above; Score of 4.0 (scale 1-6) in written test or higher


Native speakers of English who are citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Canada (except Quebec) and New Zealand shall not demonstrate their English proficiency.

For Non-Native Speakers:

a) English language in GCSE, Grade 7 to 9

b) A Diploma from a secondary school in the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada (the English speaking part)

c) IB Diploma (English language of instruction)


8.  Q: When is the deadline for application?

A:  There are different application deadlines. If you are interested in:

  • the programmes in English  and you are EU prospective student, please click here application deadlines ;
  •  if you are non-EU prospective student, please click here application deadlines 
  • direct admission in the Programmes offered in Bulgarian language (proficient in Bulgaria) and you are EU citizen or hold a permanent residence in Bulgaria, then you should click here  

9.  Q: Where can I get my documents legalized (certified)?

A: Documents issued in a foreign state which is party to the Hague Convention shall have an apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information regarding the Apostille stamp and the authorities, authorized to issue Apostille, please refer to  or    

If the country of the applicant is not a member the Hague Convention (did not sign it) the documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of residence of the applicant and the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the respective country.
Note: all authentications (apostilles and seals) must be original and not copies, applied on the documents, which are to be submitted at Medical University of Varna. 

10.  Q: Where can I get my documents translated into Bulgarian language?

A: Documents with the apostille stamps need to be translated into Bulgarian in one of the following two ways:
1.  By a consular or Diplomatic official in the country where the document is issued;
2.  By a translation agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can contact translation offices in Bulgaria. There are plenty of translation offices in Varna. 

We strongly advise you to read the following important information on legalization and translation requirements:

11.  Q: I did not study Biology and Chemistry courses in my secondary education? Can I join the Preparatory courses you offer and compensate them?
A: The preparatory courses we offer cannot compensate the lack of Biology and Chemistry training in secondary school. The purpose of our preparatory courses is to teach students the language (Bulgarian or English)-general and specialized (terminology).
We advise you to contact the Ministry of Education in your country and enquire for the options of conducting the Biology and Chemistry training obligatory for secondary education in your country.

12. Q: What ranking score is needed for admission?

A: As the number of eligible applicants for each programme is different every year, as well as the obtained grades by the applicants, it is not possible to say what ranking score is needed for acceptance to the relevant programme. The higher the Entry tests and Biology & Chemistry high school Diploma grades are, the better chances for admission would be. As MU-Varna receives annually more applications than we can admit, one needs to be as competitive as possible in our applicant pool.

13.  Q: What are the tuition fees for international students?
A: You can find the tuition fees from here.

14.  Q: Can I visit MUV before I apply / after my application?
A: You are welcome to visit our University during our open days. If those dates are not appropriate we would be glad to offer you University tours throughout the year, you just have to contact us at admissions@mu-varna  and inform us in advance  (at least a week).