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Sixth – Year Student from MU-Varna Developed a Draft of a Scientific Thesis, Allowing for Earlier Acquisition of a PhD Degree

As part of the strategy of MU-Varna for early development of student research activities, a graduate of MU-Varna has made an innovative proposal.

The sixth–year student Samuela Krasteva has developed a draft of a scientific work at the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology. The topic of the work is "Social Adaptation in Dependent Patients under a Methadone Programme".

She presented her ideas in front of a commission and made a proposal her project to evolve into a doctorate later on. Thus the period of time that students have to wait for the acquisition of a "Doctor" educational and scientific degree could be reduced significantly.

The project aims to stimulate undergraduate students from the upper years of study to get oriented to specific research. Samuela's work is a fascinating example to be followed by her colleagues. Likewise, other fifth and sixth – year students are about to get involved in the development of scientific ideas.

Obviously, there is a positive trend among young people, who increasingly manifest interest in research activities.​​​