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The World Hemophilia Day Is Celebrated under the Motto "HEAR THEIR VOICES" on 17 April

The World Hemophilia Day is celebrated annually on 17 April. The date has remained unchanged since 1989 and was chosen in honour of Frank Schnabel's birthday, who founded the World Federation of Hemophilia in 1963 in Montreal, Canada. 17 April is a day to express our sympathy for hemophilia patients and patients suffering from other less common congenital bleeding disorders. That day has a special message every year. This 17thApril is dedicated to the millions of women and girls affected by blee...

Published 04/17/2017

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valeria Kaleva: Care for Hemophilia Patients Improves with Each Passing Year

​Business Card: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valeria Kaleva, PhD, is the Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Medical University - Varna and Head of the Children's Clinical Hematology and Oncology Clinic at University Hospital "St. Marina". She is a Chairperson of the Working Group on Hemophilia and Thalassemia at the Bulgarian Medical Society of Hematology and Head of the Centre of Expertise for Coagulopathies and Congenital Anemia at University Hospital "St. Marina" - Varna. She is a member of the Rare...

Published 04/13/2017

For the Fourth Consecutive Year Students from MU-Varna Organized the Campaign “Give Blood - Save Lives”

On 11th and 12th April, for the eighth year in a row, students from MU-Varna conducted a campaign under the slogan "Give Blood, Save Life!". It is held twice a year and provokes serious interest.The blood donor campaign is a joint initiative of the Student Council of MU-Varna and the Regional Center for Transfusion Hematology - Varna.Once again this year there was definitely no deficiency of committed to the cause students. The campaign involved 67 blood donors, most of them from the English-lan...

Published 04/13/2017

MU-Varna Obtained a Valuable Gift for Its Collection "History of Medicine" – an Original Report by Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov

​The third module of the course on History of Medicine was held on 7th and 8th April at MU-Varna.The subject of History of Medicine has already become a mandatory part of the training of students at MU-Varna, and the implementation of a series of training modules on this subject has helped University lecturers and researchers to enhance their qualification and learn about innovations in the medical studies in this field.Academician Prof. Dr. Miladin Apostolov - Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Aca...

Published 04/12/2017

The Fifth Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine Brought Together More than 800 Participants

The fifth edition of the Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine was held in the period of 06-09 April 2017.The event is a joint initiative of MU-Varna and the students from the Student Council at MU-Varna, the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria -Varna, the Association of Students of Dental Medicine - Varna and the Association of Students of Pharmacy- Varna. This year a record number of young scientists took part at the forum - more than 800 from different specialties ...

Published 04/11/2017

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