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MU-Varna is a Partner in a Large-Scale European Project for Creation of a Centre of Competence in the Field of Personalized Medicine, 3D and Telemedicine, Robotic-Assisted and Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Project Funding Agreement BG05M2OP001-1.002-0010-C01 "CENTER OF COMPETENCE IN THE FIELD OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE, 3D AND TELEMEDICINE, ROBOTIC-ASSISTED AND MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY" was signed on 26.07.2018, funded by Operational Programme "Science and Education for Smart Growth" and the European Regional Development Fund. The total project cost is 23 695 179,29 BGN, of which 20 140 902,40 BGN European and 3 554 276,89 BGN national co-funding. The project starts on 27.07.2018 and ends on 3...

Published 08/14/2018

Тhe First Laparoscopic Surgery on a Baby for Removal of a Kidney with Congenital Tumour Has Been Performed at UMHAT "St. Marina" in Varna

Two weeks after the surgery - on holiday with mom and dad Minutes after the surgery for removal of a kidney with congenital tumour and recovering from the anaesthesia, the eleven-month Slave was ready to crawl. The baby-friendly surgery was performed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deyan Anakievski from the Clinic of Urology at University Hospital "St. Marina" - Varna. This has been the first case in our country, in which the intervention has been performed not in the usual way, using a classic open surgery...

Published 08/10/2018

Student in Pharmacy at MU-Varna Has Won the First Place in the Oldest Swimming Marathon in Our Country - Galata-Varna

​Once a year, on the first Sunday of August, you can cross the Varna Bay, relying solely on your own strength and stamina. Arseniy Beketov, a first-year student at Medical University - Varna, who swam the distance of 4,5 km for 51 minutes and 24 seconds, turned out to be the most resilient swimmer this year.Professional swimmers and amateurs from eight countries took part in the competition. Arseniy is one of the few Varna citizens who have won the oldest marathon in Bulgaria. The route of the t...

Published 08/07/2018

Lecturers from MU-Varna and the University of Pharmacy in Ukraine Took Part in the First Summer School in Pharmacognosy

​The initiative for a Summer School in Pharmacognosy was carried out for the first time from 22nd to 31st July 2018 at MU-Varna. Organizers are the Department of Pharmaceutical Technologies, headed by Assoc. Prof. M. Pharm. Kaloyan Georgiev and TS Pharmacognosy at the same Department, headed by Assoc. Prof. M. Pharm. Iliya Zhelev. Lecturers from MU - Varna and their colleagues from the National University of Pharmacy - Kharkov (Ukraine) took part in the Summer School.A variety of laboratory test...

Published 08/03/2018

Organizational Life of Varna Medical Society and Dr. Ignatiev as Its First President

​"...the history of the first Medical Society in our country, which is the predecessor of the medical organization, is a part of the cultural history of the Bulgarian people, and therefore it is not devoid of significance." Dr. A. Nedyalkov, Varna Medical Society, Sofia, 1910 In a sequence of news and materials we are going to acquaint you with details and biographical notes regarding the members of the first elected management of the Varna Medical Society and its organizational life. The Varna ...

Published 08/01/2018

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