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The Faculty of Public Health at MU-Varna and Prof. Dr. Stefan Peev Were Awarded with Varna Prize

The annual distinctions Varna Prize for 2017 were awarded at a solemn ceremony at the Plenary Hall of the Municipality of Varna. Representatives of MU-Varna were honoured with the prize in Category Humanities.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Peev was awarded with a personal Varna Prize for his overall research, training and therapeutic activities in the field of Dental Implantology, and the establishment and management of the first in our country University Medical Dental Center in Varna.

"This award has a tremendous symbolic meaning for me as it comes in a crucial year for me. Although it is a personal award, I receive it as recognition to the achievements of the teams I have been working with. I want to thank Medical University - Varna for the nomination. I am deeply honoured to be a member of the academic staff of the most prosperous and the most quickly developing Medical University in Bulgaria", Prof. Dr. Peev said after receiving the award.

A team prize in Category Humanities was awarded to the Faculty of Public Health at MU – Varna with Dean Assoc. Prof. Emanuela Mutafova - for the accreditation of new Bachelor and Master Programmes, aimed at developing public health and contributing to the competitiveness of Varna as a leading educational university centre in Bulgaria. Over the last year only, FPH has opened three new specialties: "Protection and Control of Public Health", "Optometrist" and "Logopedia"

Assoc. Prof. Mutafova addressed the audience with the words, "I would like to thank the University management for nominating the Faculty of Public Health. I am extremely pleased that the prize is awarded to the whole team. To me this means that you have perceived and evaluated the teamwork and the team spirit in the Faculty, without which we could not have achieved anything. All our achievements are in the name of the University and the city of Varna."

The awards were presented by the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih and the Chairperson of the Municipal Council Mr. Todor Balabanov.

"Varna is a city of traditions! And one of the most persistent over the years is the tradition of paying tribute to the most worthy of us. Congratulations to all prize winners! Be healthy and never lose your inspiration", with these words the Mayor Ivan Portnih congratulated the award winners.