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Students from MU-Varna Received a Congratulatory Letter from SHОGAT "Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov"

The fourth-year students from MU-Varna Emine Halim, Yinis Mehmed, Gergana Georgieva and Desislava Radenkova received a congratulatory letter for their excellent theoretical training by the management of the Neonatological Department at SHОGAT "Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov".

During an extremely difficult period of staff shortage at the Department, they were involved actively in the work at the various sectors at the Department. The students performed all the assigned tasks accurately and responsibly, under the control of doctors.

The four students were appointed to the position of a Health Assistant. The work is a part of their pre-graduate practice and aims to prepare them for their future professional development as midwives. In this way they are given the opportunity to overcome their concerns about the practical part of their work and to take responsibility for human life, which is often the greatest concern of the graduates. Their work involves assessing the vital signs of newborns and serving their living needs, following Virginia Henderson's model.

According to Svetlana Radeva, the chief midwife at the Department, the girls are extremely responsible in their duties, performing their assignments brilliantly and fulfilling their duties like midwives with plenty of years of experience, many times exceeding all expectations.

The professionals at the hospital expressed special thanks to the student Emine Halim. Thanks to her efforts, a human life was saved. After the end of her shift, Emine decided to carry out yet another follow-up monitoring of a newborn child. When she entered the room, she found that the child was suffocating and immediately raised an alarm on the deterioration of the child’s condition, as a result of which intensive therapy was applied, and the child's life was saved.

The specialists at the hospital are impressed by the qualities of the students at their workplace and emphasize that they are an example of the excellent training provided by MU - Varna.