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Chinese Students Show Interest in MU-Varna

The Counselor for Economic Affairs and Public Relations at the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Shanghai and Director of Shanghai Huabaojia Exit and Exit Services Co. Ltd. in Shanghai (China) Mr. Michael J. Chen visited Medical University - Varna on 26 April 2016. The meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Radoslav Radev, who presented the advantages of MU-Varna over the other universities in Bulgaria. He emphasized that the strategy of Medical University in Varna is focused on introducing modern technologies, ranging from the organization of the admission campaign, interactive methods of training through the platforms Webstudent, Blackboard and finishing with the communication with students. Mr. Chen got acquainted with the great variety of social, sports, cultural campaigns that make the numerous international students an indispensable part of the great university family of MU-Varna, and the achievements of the future doctors in the field of research.

Mr. Chen explained that he had learnt about the opportunities in advance and his  intention was to collaborate with MU-Varna because of the high quality of education offered there. He also said that his goal would be to select highest quality candidates from China who would have the opportunity to learn about European medical practices and later on to be able to apply them in the world along with traditional Chinese Medicine .

One of the potential areas for cooperation will be the Centre of Eastern Medicine - the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Mr. Chen committed himself to making contacts with Chinese schools of Eastern Medicine and to find suitable lecturers and practitioners of different techniques. Other areas of cooperation besides medicine could be the exchange with Chinese universities, information technology, doctoral programmes, training of dental technicians, joint scientific research and others.

In the near future, a memorandum of understanding and cooperation is expected to be signed, with the support of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.