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Новини и Събития

Congratulations to the Bulgarian Medical Doctors!

Today the Orthodox Church honours the Bulgarian priest and patron of physicians St. Ivan Rilski Chudotvorets (Saint John of Rila).

Doctor's profession is worthy of respect because of the great responsibility and the long years of continuous efforts lying behind even the most casual examination. St. Ivan Rilski was known to have performed a multitude of miracles to help and cure people. Likewise, Bulgarian medical doctors save the health and lives of their patients every single day.

I believe that the high professionalism, generosity and humanity of Bulgarian medical doctors are rewarded with the gratitude of cured patients every day. Unfortunately, quite often the vices of the system are transferred to the profession, which is unfair and does not help the society as a whole. Inspiration and job satisfaction are the engine and the fuel for the dedication in our night and day work.

I'd like to wish all doctors good health, best of luck, personal happiness and perseverance to preserve humanity and optimism in our strenuous daily round, and to pass our fervour on to future generations.
Happy Holidays, Dear Colleagues!
                                                                            Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, D.Sc.
                                                                            Rector of Medical University - Varna