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The Faculty of Pharmacy at MU-Varna Has a New High-Tech 9-Storey Building

​ Today, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University - Varna celebrates its seventh anniversary in a brand new 9-storey building. A year after the groundbreaking ceremony and the launch of the construction, it is a reality. The new high-tech base of MU-Varna, in which master pharmacists will be trained, is worth 9.5 million, 1.5 million being state subsidy.​​​​​


The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov and the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Diana Ivanova officially cut the ribbon, on the last floor of the new building, while at the same time, official guests, lecturers, students and citizens of Varna were watching the event through a video link in the​ overcrowded halls on the first floor. 

A special religious ceremony for health and wellbeing was served by coadjutor Dimitar Stoev and Father Yasen Shinev from the Varna and Veliki Preslav Metropolis.

In his greeting speech, Prof. Ivanov underlined the essential role of Medical University - Varna as a modern, high-tech centre of attraction for young people, not only from the region and the country, but also from dozens of countries worldwide. Prof. Diana Ivanova reviewed the achievements of the Faculty over the previous year. According to her, in the near future, the Food Chemistry and Environmental Laboratory at MU-Varna will become a specialized laboratory, studying marine and freshwater resources and aquaculture. The President of Varna Free University Prof. Nedyalkova gave a gift to the Dean of the Faculty and the new building, and congratulated the University management on its active work in the field of higher education and medicine and the parallel development of all the faculties. The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Aneliya Klisarova (2004 – 2012) expressed her real excitement at the fact that the new building is now a reality. She offered a gift to the Dean and made a wish Pharmacy and in particular the production of radiopharmaceuticals to be developed in the new building. A gift for the new building was also offered on behalf of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

 ​The new home of the Faculty of Pharmacy has modern and spacious auditorium, laboratory and office areas, research laboratories, dealing with biopharmaceutical analysis, chromatography and spectrophotometry, molecular biology, nanotechnology, radiopharmaceuticals, cell cultures. It has its own training and drug manufacturing pharmacy, storage facilities, a library, a bookshop, a language classroom, computer labs, training herbarium.

 The new building will take part in the competition "Building of the Year", organized by Construction and City Journal - one of the most prestigious events in the field of investment projects, construction and architecture in the country, distinguishing the most outstanding achievements.

 The Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Vanyo Sharkov, the District Governor of Varna Mr. Stoyan Pasev, the Commander of the Naval Forces Rear Admiral Mitko Petev, the head of Regional Inspectorate of Education - Varna Mrs. Ventseslava Genova, representatives of all Varna higher schools, members of the Board of Trustees of MU-Varna, representatives of the management of Varna hospitals, representatives of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, as well as representatives of the judicial and executive authorities, directors of departments, architects, construction specialists, lecturers, students and media were among the official guests at the event.

 Congratulatory addresses were also received from the Minister of Health Dr. Petar Moskov, Mr. Krasen Kralev - Minister of Youth and Sports, Prof. Ilko Getov - Chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Prof. Nikolay Lambov - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sofia Medical University, the Commandant of N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy Cap. I rank Prof. Boyan Mednikarov and others.