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The Day of the Bulgarian Physician is Commemorated Today – October 19th

Happy holiday, dear colleagues!

Keep on being so committed to your unceasing labor and defend the cause of your professional choice with dignity.

I wish you health, longevity and strength so that you can preserve the humanism and optimism in today's difficult and responsible everyday life!

                                                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, MD, PhD, DSc

Rector of MU – Varna

In 1996 the Bulgarian Medical Association chose the All-Bulgarian celestial patron Saint John of Rila for protector of the Bulgarian physicians. Saint John of Rila the Wonder Maker, is a Bulgarian cleric, the most famous Bulgarian saint and hermit, patron of the Bulgarian nation, patron and founder of the biggest Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria – the Rila Monastery, patron of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival.

October 19th has been commemorated as the Day of the Bulgarian Physician since 1996. According to the legend Saint John of Rila the Wonder Maker performed many miracles not only during his lifetime, but also after his death – he healed devout people, preserved his Monastery with his bless power, cured people with a prayer. This is why the Bulgarian physicians have chosen the saint for their protector. The distinction "Physician of the year" is also bestowed today.