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A Student of MU-Varna Won the First Place in One of the Most Prestigious Photography Competitions in the World

​Yasen Georgiev, a second year medical student, won the first place in one of the most prestigious photography competitions in the world - Sony World Photography Awards 2015.
The competition, whose main aim is to find and award the best contemporary photographers, consists of different sub-competitions - Professionals, Open Participation, Youth (under 19 years of age) and Mobile Phone Photography.
Yasen took part in the category Open Participation, subsection Journey, and his picture “Hibernation”, taken in Borovets, was in the shortlist of the first award winners. Yasen has written in the photograph description: "I went skiing to Borovets with my friends. This is the most famous ski resort in Bulgaria. I was sitting in my hotel room and watching through the window the last night of our stay. I dreamed of staying there for a few more days. I wished to take a picture of the snow that never stopped falling and the real atmosphere of the place, so I turned on the camera flash."

The picture of the student from Varna Medical University competed with 78 000 photographs of participants from 171 countries around the world. The award ceremony is to be held on 23 April, at Somerset House in London. Then the final winner in the category Open Participation among the 10 winners in each of the 10 sub-categories will be announced.

Astrid Merget Motsenigos, art director of Sony World Photography Awards, said to the media: "Each year we are amazed at the quality of the photographs we receive in the categories Open participation and Youth. These talented photographers manage to capture, in a single frame, scenes filled with drama, passion and humour, but above all each photograph shows their artistry and skills".

 Yasen took up photography a year and a half ago. At first he was a photographer of the events organized by the Student Council. He bought his own camera five months ago. It's the first time the medical student has taken part in a photography competition of such a scale and won the first place - irrefutable evidence of his hidden talents and gifts.