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Новини и Събития

Students from Varna Supported the Children's Clinic at St. Marina University Hospital

​The First Pediatric Clinic with Children's ICU at St. Marina University Hospital-Varna has received a donation of 2 air conditioners and 200 books from volunteers from the "The Little Prince" Private School in Varna and their parents and teachers. The students and their teachers visited the hospital and presented the donation to the Head of the Clinic Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova and to the small patients. They also read fairy tales to the sick children.

The donation was initiated by 6th and 7th grade students, who themselves organized a Charity Christmas Bazaar with greeting cards, sweets and toys made by them. On the eve of the Holy Day the volunteers raised money by selling the created by them miracles, and with that donation they gave an example of nobility and compassion for those in need.

 ​​​​​Prof. Yotova and the team of the First Pediatric Clinic at St. Marina University Hospital thanked the volunteers and assured them that through their sympathy they all had become like-minded people and friends, whose noble gesture would be remembered. "A tiny flash of light will shine from the grateful eyes of not a single relieved or healed child. Because there is no greater satisfaction than helping other people, neither is there any greater joy than the joy you give to others", said further Prof. Yotova.​