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Новини и Събития

On 17th July St. Marina University Hospital Celebrates Its Holiday

On 17th July the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours Saint Matina – the Great Martyr. On the occasion of today's holiday His Eminence Yoan (John) the Bishop of Varna and Veliki Preslav served water blessing ceremony for health and wellbeing of the medical personnel and the patients at St. Marina University Hospital. The water ritual was served at the chapel of the hospital, which will be open throughout the whole day.

Saint Marina was a daughter of a pagan priest in Antioch in the 3rd century. Still a child, Marina was brought up and taught in idolatry by her father. Nevertheless, she decided to adopt Christianity and to be baptized.

Her first persecutor was her father himself. The Governor of the eastern Roman provinces Olymbrois subjected her to severe torture when she was 16 years old since she refused to give up her faith. Olymbrois tried to drown Marina, throwing her into the water with a stone tied around her neck. Then she once again began to pray to be baptized, and all of a sudden the chains around her neck broke, and a mysterious light illuminated the maid. The Martyr stood in the water and chanted praise songs. After that she was sentenced to death by beheading.

People say that the Saint visits the dreams of those who believe in her powers, prophesying and advising on what should be done to save people from sickness and misfortune. In Bulgarian folk beliefs, Saint Marina is honoured as the patron of water and marriage.

In Strandzha, the Rhodope Mountains and along the Struma River the Saint is known as the Vanquisher of Serpents and a Healer of those bitten by them.

It is believed that the present day is one of the days known as Goreshtnitsi (the”Hot Days”), which start from 15th July.