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The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov Paid a Visit to Shumen

The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov met the Mayor of Shumen Mr. Lyubomir Hristov. Prof. Sonia Toncheva - Director of Shumen Affiliate at MU-Varna and Dr. Svetlana Markova - Deputy Mayor of Social Policy and Healthcare in Shumen Municipality took part in the meeting as well. The reason for the meeting was the expressed desire of the management of the Municipality in Shumen to increase the admission of students in the Affiliate.

"The presence of the Medical University in Shumen is important for us. One of the first nursing schools in the country was established here, and I am glad that after an interruption of 10 years this tradition was renewed with the opening of the Affiliate in the city," said the Mayor Lyubomir Hristov.

Professor Krasimir Ivanov expressed his gratitude to the Mayor's Office and personally to Lyubomir Hristov for his efforts and support in the opening of the Affiliate. "The deficiency of medical personnel in the country is really great, municipalities will confront this issue more and more frequently, and that was really a timely solution."

The director of the Affiliate Prof. Sonia Toncheva pointed out that the statistics in the period from 2005 to 2015 showed that only two nurses and one midwife had returned to Shumen. Presently 133 students are trained in Shumen, and 66 nurses have completed their internships under the MES project. The academic staff also is motivated more students to study and stay in the city. Prof. Ivanov and Prof. Toncheva underlined that the modernization of the Shumen base would continue, and new rooms would be equipped with robotic simulators and virtual simulators for conducting student practical sessions by the beginning of next summer. The possibilities of the Municipality and the University to jointly apply for programmes that support and fund health activities were discussed as well.

Then the Rector of MU-Varna lit the Christmas tree lights at the Shumen Affiliate. Issues related to the social and living conditions of students as well as the possibilities for on-line training were the focus of the meeting with the students after that. The Rector wished the students to complete the upcoming session successfully and congratulated them on their forthcoming holiday – 8th December.