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MU-Varna Welcomes the First-Year Students from the English Language Training Programmes

The official opening of the new academic year 2020-2021 for students majoring in the English language training programmes of Medicine and Dental Medicine at MU-Varna was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The first-year students were welcomed in compliance with the enforced anti-epidemic measures. 

Prof. Dr. Albena Kerekovska - Director of Directorate "Educational Affairs" addressed the students on behalf of the Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov, PhD, in which he congratulated the newly admitted students with the words, "One of the most exciting moments for us is welcoming the newly admitted students, because we know and we are absolutely positive that deep in your hearts you are carrying the love for the most humane professions! Starting today, confidently and boldly, you are entering a new stage of your life, you are taking the first step along the long road of knowledge and science. I assure you that launching your career here, you have already made a secure investment for your future! Pursue your goals with self-confidence, be persistent and dedicated to achieve great results. Sometimes you might encounter difficulties, but still follow your aspirations! I wish you to make real friends here, to have the time of your life being students at Medical University – Varna and to be enchanted by the magic of knowledge and science."

This academic year the number of newly admitted international students is 300, who come from more than 15 countries. The number of German students is the greatest, followed by the students from Great Britain and Ireland. There are also students from Mexico, Australia, Greece, Switzerland and many other countries.

The video is available here