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MU-Varna Marked the World Day of Social Justice

On 20th February MU-Varna, together with Riviera Day Care Centre for Adults with Disabilities, marked the World Day of Social Justice, established in 2009 with UN resolution.

Riviera Vocal Group congratulated everyone present in the University courtyard with an interesting programme. At the end of their performances the people with disabilities scattered among the audience colorful paper swallows, containing various appeals to the society – "Lifelong learning for people with disabilities as well. Flexible, inclusive, close to home education", "When we choose, we actually express ourselves. Help a person with an intellectual disability to make his/her own life decisions!", "See the person - not the disability! Support a person with an intellectual disability!", etc.

At the same time in the lobby of MU – Varna, there was a stand with handmade martenitsas, created by the people at the Centre, which everyone could buy for charitable purposes. As a symbol of hope, several dozens of balloons were released into the sky.

The head of the Department of Health Care Prof. Dr. Silvia Borisova explains that the initiative, organized together with students at MU-Varna, is aimed at promoting empathy and respect for the people in need, which is also a basic principle of the peaceful and tolerant development of the society.

MU-Varna has been working with the Centre for plenty of years and has organized a variety of events. Students pay visits to the Day Care Centre, get informed of the type of disabilities and the right way of communication, rendering care and support to the disabled people. The event is organized by the Faculty of Public Health, together with students majoring in Nursing Care and Midwifery.

Mrs. Maria Chankova, Chairperson of the Association for Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities, explained that for 10 years already the organization had celebrated that day in various ways. "We have chosen today's event to be held at MU- Varna because we have already had a long-standing partnership, and support not only by the academic management, but also by the students, who are our followers, and we do hope that this event will help us to commit even more people to the cause. This year has marked the 25th anniversary of our organization, and we wish our message "Dreams without Borders" to be heard in many places, and is there a better place than the future medics, humanists, people dedicated to care-providing professions to hear about us. Disabled people have a lot of opportunities. Nonetheless, they need to get support and understanding from the whole society."

                                                                                                                                       Veronika Stoyanova