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The University Medico-Dental Centre Celebrates Its First Anniversary on 6th November

Today, 6th November, is the first anniversary of the unique to our country, University Medico-Dental Centre at Medical University - Varna. Over the past 365 days, more than 200 surgical interventions under general anesthesia have been performed, and over 300 implants have been placed. Thousands of satisfied patients have visited the Centre and received highly specialized care.

More than 40 University teachers - leading specialists in different fields of Dental Medicine have been working at the University Medico-Dental Centre.  The advantages of new technology and the specialized team guarantee not only the thorough solution of the problems related to oral cavity, but also the uncompromising quality offered to the patients. A 3D scanner - the latest model in high-energy and high-frequency dental lasers and a modern dental laboratory are a prerequisite for efficient and extremely precise solution of the most difficult cases in dental practice. Sophisticated surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia, implant placement, guided bone regeneration, sinus floor augmentation, jaw cyst extirpation, deeply impacted retained wisdom tooth extraction - these are just a few of the interventions performed at the Centre.

Besides the therapeutic activities, the University Medico-Dental Centre is also used as training facilities for more than 20 postgraduate students in various fields of Dental Medicine: Implantology, Oral Surgery, Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Orthodontics, Children's Dental Medicine, Periodontics and Conservative Dentistry. Here, the trainees have the opportunity to develop their skills, learn and draw on the expertise of some of the most eminent names in the field of Dental Medicine.

The University Medico-Dental Centre - Varna is located on fl. 5, in the building of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and possesses:

  Sector for day surgery with two operating theatres and a procedure room

  Highly Specialized Activities Sector

  Dental Practitioners Sector

  Cone Beam Computed  Tomography Imaging Sector

  Emergency Room                                      

Day Hospital –  with 9 beds for 24-hour monitoring of postoperative patients.


Varna, 84 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd

Tel.: +359 52 677 299 и +359 882 413 456