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Immerse Yourselves in the Magic of Light at the European Researchers' Night at MU- Varna

On 25th September 2015, together with 300 cities throughout Europe, Medical University - Varna will celebrate the European Researchers' Night for a consecutive year. The tenth jubilee edition is dedicated to light and its role in our daily lives, in the development of Medicine and the technological development of mankind. The main goal of the event is to attract young talents to the science and to encourage them to take the path of a scientific career.

The event will start at 5:30 pm in the courtyard of Medical University - Varna. The tenth jubilee edition will be opened by Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Shishkov, Vice Rector "Career Development, Research and Postgraduate Training" at MU-Varna.

In "What do we know and what don't we know about the impact of light on humans" young scientists and researchers with extensive experience from MU-Varna will present interesting, curious and little known facts about the impact of light on human brain and our eyesight. Prizes will await all those who manage to provide the correct answers to the quiz questions after each presentation. The winners in the photo competition entitled "Light - a Source of Life and Health" will be announced, and during the musical show programme the guests will get acquainted with yet other entertaining and artistic facet of the scientists' personality.

In "Laboratory for Young Researchers" lecturers from the Department of Chemistry will perform chemical experiments "Fireworks in a Bottle" and "Volcano", and lecturers from the Department of Physics, together with students from Dimcho Debelyanov Secondary School in Varna will demonstrate various physical phenomena related to light and their practical application.

Fire and LED show will be performed by the dancers from Pertito Group.


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